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The Expose

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) which Jordan Peterson has said is an alternative to the apocalyptic World Economic Forum, has just held it's inaugural conference at the O2 arena in London.

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Article about Dr Sybil Francis (changemaker, policy maker, with diverse experiences and global insights) in Paradise Valley City Lifestyle magazine for Nov 2023. Sybil is married to "Michael Crow, a former agent [of the CIA], is now president of Ariz

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Joining me today to discuss war, peace and the future of humanity is Daniele Ganser, an historian, author, energy and peace researcher and head of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER). He is the author of the groundbreaking book

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When I first began warning of a coming worldwide socio-economic crisis decades ago, the notion seemed quite fanciful. Yes, there were problems – there always are – but there was little on the immediate horizon that suggested a global meltdown.