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The W.H.O. "Pandemic Treaty" WILL be Negotiated in Secret! Our Sovereignty is Under Attack

• By Grant Stinchfield

The power-hungry global elites are telling the world they have "watered down" the Pandemic Treaty that will hand over pandemic response to The World Health Organization.

Do NOT believe them.

WHO globalists are in the process of duping the 194 member nations into a sense of security before they quietly pounce.

There has been tremendous pushback after many of us sounded the alarm. Once we realized the original proposed treaty would give the W.H.O. the power to mandate lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine passports in response to a so-called "pandemic," we started a massive campaign to expose the plot. If passed and ratified by the U.S., it would give foreign bureaucrats wide-ranging power over us. That is unacceptable.

Reports are emerging that The W.H.O. elites plan on using back-room secret negotiations to slip back in the original language to include the ability to lock us down and enforce global mandates.

If the back-room dealing is unsuccessful, The Daily Mail is reporting these medical oligarchs will try to use their annual "Convention of Parties" to amend the treaty to include the widest range of damaging, overreaching tyrannical policies.

One of the world's foremost experts on the pandemic response and how these globalists partnered with Big Pharma to wage war on the world is epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch.

He has made it his mission to expose the COVID Bio-weapon plot and those responsible for it. He is our guest.