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For decades, researchers have been finding DNA and its sister, RNA, circulating in the body, outside the safe interior of cells where these molecules do their essential work of storing and translating the code of life.

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Among the mechanical components not found in nature is the spur gear. That is, until now. Zoologists of the University of Cambridge have discovered that the juvenile form of the leaf-hopper Issus coleoptratus has a set of gear-like linkages between t

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This barricade was sitting on a turn out next to the Gros Ventre road about a mile north of Kelly Wyoming. Guess the bison don't like the government shutdown either. Somehow I feel humans will be blamed for this vandalism, so I'm sending a link to th

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Today in plant news: you say, "tomato!" I say, "potato!" Oh wait, that’s not how the song goes? Well, someone should have informed England, because someone over there just grafted together a tomato plant and a potato plant to create a tomato-potato p

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