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If everything is going the way that it's supposed to be going, the only pieces of your brain that you can actually see are the terminuses (termini?) of your optic nerves deep inside your eyeballs. And that's probably for the best, because brains aren

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For a long time, we’ve known that spider’s silk is the bee’s knees. It’s so incredibly dense and possesses such herculean strength that it can theoretically be used to create bulletproof skin (skin, not just vests). And it conducts heat far better th

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Oddly missing from this recounting is any extended focus on the ivory-billed woodpecker itself. Granted, the bird has been invisible for decades, a presence notable largely for its absence. Still, the book might have given us the animal's history in

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The silent missiles that flit between the planets have been blamed for some of the largest exterminations that life on Earth has had to endure: However you like your mass extinctions, high on the list of potential triggers is usually a close encounte