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Wouldn't it be strange if the government director of an industry wanted to end that industry? Like if the Secretary of Education wanted to close schools, or if the Secretary of Agriculture hated farming?

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Technocracy's total surveillance ideology demands that anonymous cash transactions be removed from the economic system. Why? Because what cannot be monitored cannot be controlled, and cash transactions cannot be monitored! Thus, the future economy

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(Bloomberg) -- The Bank for International Settlements will test the use of central bank digital currencies with Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa in an experiment that could lead to a more efficient global payments platform.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary since Nixon suspended the convertibility of the USD into Gold. This began the era of a global fiat money debt-fueled economy. Since then, crises are more frequent but also shorter and always "solved" by adding

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On August 4, the precious metals firm Kitco Gold announced the launch of a gold-backed stablecoin which will leverage an audit process via Cohen & Company with monthly attestation reports. Kitco has partnered with Tradewind Markets, First Digital Tru