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China Will Back Their Country's Digital Yuan With Gold

• by Quoth the Raven

I wanted to organize, and take a little deeper of an examination of, the circumstantial evidence that I've been noticing that is leading me to believe that my predictions will be proven correct.

Though I'm hardly a Chinese national, nor am I an expert on the Chinese government, I did work for about 5 years alongside of some Chinese nationals and experts who were instrumental in helping my previous employer expose billions of dollars of U.S. listed China-based fraud. Those efforts were eventually made into a feature length documentary called The China Hustle.

I was also one of the first to sound the alarm that China was lying about Covid in early 2020.

As I've consistently said on my podcast, I feel that through my interactions with Chinese nationals and my analysis of companies in China, sometimes tied to the state and other times not, have given me a look into the ethos of the CCP that others may not have experienced.

Based on my years of experience, it's easy for me to conclude that China is sharper, smarter, shrewder and more rugged than the U.S. when it comes to most things economics and politics.

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