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TN has been following quantum computing development since its inception. For all the speculation about potential commercial or government uses of such a computer, the main takeaway is that it holds the potential to break all encryption codes on the I

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James B. Keller is a microprocessor engineer best known for his work at AMD and Apple. He was the lead architect of the AMD K8 microarchitecture and was involved in designing the Athlon and Apple A4/A5 processors.

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ColdQuanta, the global quantum ecosystem leader, today announced its acquisition of Chicago-based, a world leader in quantum software application and platform development, and the beta launch of Hilbert, the world's first gate-based cold

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A TU Delft team has demonstrated a one-way superconductor that gives zero resistance in one direction, but blocks current completely in the other. The discovery, long thought impossible, heralds a 400x leap in computing speed and huge energy savings.

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ColdQuanta cools atoms to a few millionths of a degree above absolute zero and uses lasers to arrange the atoms, hold them in place, run computations on them, and read out the results. Quantum calculations, communications, and sensing are the result.