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In Switzerland, the sovereign citizen has the last word: in terms of the future also with cash money

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Stickers were passed around, "love cash" and other statements could be heard on a demonstration in Luzern. Last friday the bomb exploded: Due to the limited conversation time, barely noticeable, yet the attentive listener did not miss it: The Swiss people are launching a popular initiative to secure their francs. You read it right. At the first country in the entire world, the sovereign Swiss people defend itself against the threatened abolition of cash!

For example, Bianca Ball from the platform reported in the Corona Committee No. 65 that an essential initiative will start next week, the content of wich is as follows:

In the future, the government in Switzerland must ensure that there must always be enough cash on hand.

That the sovereign Swiss people must vote and decide on a possible change in currency, not the government on its own.

This would be achieved through an a amendment to the constitution.

To date, the decision to change the monetary system is left to the Swiss government alone.