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Is Cynical Mass Illegal Immigration Being Deployed Against our National US Culture?

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In my lifetime I have watched the complete overthrow of American men. The only role that they have left is to be a hate object for feminists.

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"Call me pisher" is a Yiddish phrase from my youth, and it was used to instruct me in a very important lesson. (Though I hardly realized it at the time.) And since Yiddish speakers were often not delicate persons, I'll have to be a bit less tha

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Why the seemingly sudden obsession with "safety"? Placed within air fingers quotation marks because it's not really about safety – in the sense of reasonable aversion to excessive and unnecessary risk.

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Happy New Year! Dennis looks back on past New Year's advice and shares practical tips for achieving success in the coming year. Don't miss what he says about pursuing truth, depth, travel, and more to make this your best year yet.