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MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

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The economy is faltering, and markets are becoming chaotic. In spite of this, the mainstream financial media is busy convincing investors that the bull market is solidly intact.

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Bloomberg is trumpeting "The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia's 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret," but anyone who is scratching their heads at this non-revelation might well wonder 'Why Bloomberg?' and 'Why now?' Join James in today's Thought For The Day a

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Does critiquing the pharmaceutical industry and the medicines we all take make you a conspiracy theorist? In this video we look at a recent peer-reviewed article taken from British Medical Journal to look more closely at the industry of "evidence b

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Censored by Twitter!; Walensky Confirms CDC is Inept; FOIA Exposes Media's Covid Bias; Getting to the Heart of the Matter About Covid, Vaccines, and Kids; New Date Set for Defeat The Mandates Rally