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MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

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Article Image, Robert W Malone MD, MS

Will the blatant fearporn ever stop? The controlled media have no shame.

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More or less every adult knows there are serious problems with "the news," by which I refer to the alphabet soup of news organizations plus fact-checked social media. Most of them, however, are smallish things; legitimately bad, but not the centr

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Two years ago last Saturday (May 7, 2020) Adam Schiff (D, California), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, was forced to perform what Nixon co-conspirator John Ehrlichman famously called a "modified limited hangout."

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Prominent journalists are calling for the media to champion a "pro-democracy" bias in how they portray politicians and government agencies. But tub-thumping for democracy -- or at least for politicians who claim to be pro-democracy -- is a poor

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CNN – that TeeVee show with a smaller audience than Joe Rogan's podcast – had an interesting story (for once) the other day. It was interesting – per usual – chiefly for what was not covered.