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The Burning Platform

In decades of the globalists' predictive programming of viruses, outbreaks, and a zombified populace, nothing appeared more in our face than the Bill Gates-led "Contagion Catastrophe" tabletop exercise.

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Journey Boost - Dr Suzanne Humphries

In this 4 minute video Dr Suzanne Humphries explains why routine medical procedures recommended for newborns need to be questioned, like early cord clamping and injecting vitamin K.

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By the close of the Industrial Revolution, the American food supply was tainted with frauds, fakes, and legions of new and untested chemicals, dangerously threatening the health of consumers.

Article Image, By Kennedy Hall

Maybe you had the seeming transhumanist Big Tech Czar going after Emperor Fauci on your 2022 bingo card, but I sure didn't.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Today, with the high level of toxin exposure, especially to xenoestrogens (natural and artificial estrogen mimickers), which are endocrine disruptors, e.g., soy products, plastics, herbicides...testosterone levels are at an epidemic low.