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Musk vs. Fauci

•, By Kennedy Hall

Well, maybe you had the seeming transhumanist Big Tech Czar going after Emperor Fauci on your 2022 bingo card, but I sure didn't. Yet, as Pope Francis loves to say, we do have a "God of surprises," and I think Elon Musk looking like a veritable white knight against one of the greatest criminals in American history is a surprise, to say the least.

If you weren't aware, Musk went after Fauci—and gender pronouns, I might add—with a tweet from a few days back, stating: "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci."

Now, if there is ever a Twitter Hall of Fame, I think that (along with Austin Ruse's infamous tweet about George Floyd) this tweet by Musk might be a contender for greatest of all time—GOAT, as the millennials say.

A tweet from Musk isn't just a "tweet" any more than an interview by Pope Francis on a plane is merely an interview. Let's be honest, international doctrinal understanding radically changes every time il Papa says something regrettable on Alitalia; and Musk's tweets have historically been so influential that the federal government has gone after him for his 280-character influence on the economy of the most powerful nation on earth.

Now, lest you think that Musk's tweet about Fauci was something of a Jordan Peterson-esque outburst against the fat-acceptance movement, think again. He doubled down; he doubled down hard.