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Vitamin K in Brief

• Journey Boost - Dr Suzanne Humphries

Is a Newborn Deficient in Vitamin K?

Is an Injection of Vitamin K Essential?

In this 4 minute video Dr Suzanne Humphries explains why routine medical procedures recommended for newborns need to be questioned, like early cord clamping and injecting vitamin K. She shares the details of how the newborn has been designed to meet the challenges it faces in the inevitable birth trauma.

The Vitamin K injection has been routinely given in the USA since the 1970s.

"The more I read about vitamin K, the more I can't believe it is injected into newborn infants. Scientific endeavors have shown me that by and large, nature overall didn't make mistakes. Until babies are 6 months old they are not having a full coagulation. Babies are programmed to be anti-inflammatory and are also programmed not to have the same coagulation as adults. " Dr Suzanne Humphries

It is important to understand what medical interventions do at birth. The birth canal is a tight passageway; the baby's cranium is designed to compact in on itself. There is trauma to baby throughout the body. About 30% of babies will have micro hemorrhages from a normal vaginal delivery.

Early cord clamping happens 90% of the time in the USA. When a cord is clamped early,  40% of the baby's blood remains in the cord. This not only deprives the baby of this vital resource of blood, but it also deprives baby of the life building stem cells which are in the cord blood and have the potential to go in and clear up the brain hemorrhages and provide cell building potential elsewhere in the body. Stem cells can travel through the blood system and repair and rebuild cells – an incredible design feature of the human body.

Injecting vitamin K causes the blood to thicken. If you thicken the blood 1000 – 2000 times more than its natural newborn state, how will that impact the stem cells and their ability to go in and clear and repair cellular damages which naturally result from birth?