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In ancient times, the dew was believed to be a source of vegetative and plant life and considered a great blessing. According to the literature, the accumulation of dew at night on plants can negatively impact vegetation and fruits by creating spongy

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Michael Yon, esteemed author and combat correspondent, reached out to Jeroen van Maanen, a Dutch dairy farmer and protest leader for 2.5 years, to provide a first-hand account of the Dutch farmer uprising that the mainstream media has not represented

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No Till Growers

If you've ever wanted to start an urban farm, this is the video you need to watch. Brooke and Dan of Urbavore Farm generously break down how to start an urban farm despite the codes and restrictions. Or rather, working with them and working with the

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No Till Growers

In today's video I discuss some simple, generally sensory things one can do to monitor the efficacy of their soil health practices.

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There's a right way and a wrong way to herd bison. The 25+ year pros at Whitefeather Meats have it down pat. Enjoy this special video with a little bit of humor and be thankful for the hard work that goes into putting meat on your table!