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Jill Winger - Old Fashioned on Purpose - YouTube

We grow over 200 lbs of potatoes on our homestead this year, but we DON'T have a traditional root cellar... So how on earth will we store them into the winter? I'll show you our strategies for maximizing potato storage even if you don't have a root c

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Homesteading Family

Many compost tutorials will tell you not to add meat, blood, and other animal parts to your compost pile for fear of attracting wildlife or unwanted pests. However, we compost our animal waste every single year and end up with beautiful, nutrient-ric

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Advances in farming have let us feed billions. The future of agriculture offers many more innovations in robotics, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, greenhouses, and more... but will it be a future of mega-farms or small farms?

Article Image, Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Join Curtis Stone as he discusses homestead irrigation in this live open consultation. If you are needing to design your irrigation, looking to improve your garden irrigation, or embarking on a new homestead, this short clip is for you.

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Cover crops should be viewed as a long-term investment in improved soil health and farm management. They can begin to pay for themselves in the first year of use, or it may take a few years for them to lead to a net positive return. For a detailed an

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Brownfield AG News for America

The USDA says the 2021 U.S. oat crop was the smallest on record at 39.836 million bushels, 39% less than in 2020. That's due to decreased planting across the oat growing region, either due to weather or producers switching to more profitable crops.


American bumblebees are a vital pollinator for wildflowers and crops, and their decline could have severe consequences for the environment. The species has completely vanished from eight states, including Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont,

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