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In the developing world the party in power does away with its opponents one of three ways: a bullet to the head, throwing them in jail or kicking them off the ballot. Good to see America, Leader of the Free World, is already at work on two of the thr

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Politico has trotted out an "expert" on the Tea Party Movement to put forth the idea that the Tea Party was always ONLY about McCarthy, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor, and with the fall of McCarthy the movement is finally dead. What does Politico get wro

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Most Americans do not understand how the United Nations functions, or does not function as the case might be, preferring to think of it as some kind of debating society where the 193 member nations representing the world community can vent over issue

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Senator Ted Cruz says that Michelle Obama may step in to the role of unifier for the sad, sad Democratic Party. She has certainly picked up the pace of pocket-lining, in the traditional Clinton Obama way.