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The din of war drums beating hasn't completely drowned out the barrage of lying bullshit issued by US Deep State blobsters in their effort to keep reality at bay from a citizenry gone restive and aggrieved over the seemingly deliberate ruination of

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by jeffrey a. tucker

In the course of almost four years, and really dating back a decade and a half, I've managed to read most of the writings of the intellectuals, titans of industry, and government officials who constructed the strange reality of 2020 and after.

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When I first began warning of a coming worldwide socio-economic crisis decades ago, the notion seemed quite fanciful. Yes, there were problems – there always are – but there was little on the immediate horizon that suggested a global meltdown.

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If you've read We're All Dutch Farmers Now and We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now, then you'll know all about the concerted war on farming that is taking place right now, not just in Holland or Sri Lanka but in Ireland and Argentina and Canada and Spai

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