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Dennis Prager

Now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using the term "pregnant people" and denying one of the most basic and fundamental biological truths that women (not men) give birth, how can we trust the CDC about anything? Plus,

Article Image - Dr Mercola

In the video, U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviews Dane Wigington, founder of, about climate engineering and its hidden role in climate change. Wigington also produced the documentary "The Dimming."

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Joseph Mercola

One of the latest GMO Frankenfoods is Piggy Sooy, a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein. One or more undisclosed pig genes are spliced into conventional soya to create a soybean with 26.6% animal protein

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Discern Report

The ruling class truly doesn't care what side you are on (right or left, democrat or Republican) they only care that you pick a side. This makes the division among slaves easier and readily available for their control.

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Del recently gave a presentation exposing the real pandemic, a pandemic of lies surrounding vaccine safety and policy in the U.S. which The HighWire and ICAN have been investigating since its founding.