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Caitlin Johnstone - Substack

If you're just tuning in, Israeli intelligence ignored mountains of information that the October 7 attack was coming and left Israelis completely undefended, then the IDF killed significant numbers of Israelis with indiscriminate fire and pinned th

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International Man: Throughout history, governments have always used propaganda to drum up support for war. Often, their atrocity propaganda features children to get the maximum emotional response.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

It's not called the "Empire of Lies" for nothing. Deception is the oxygen of empire. 44,000+ hours of January 6th footage has been released, and it's quite obvious as to why they weren't released in the first place. Also today, Javier Milei was el

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Stanley Milgram's experiment was conducted in 1963, before the internet, social media, and the complete takeover of the U.S. by the Deep State.