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TUCKER on Twitter Episode 32 - "George Floyd Was a Lie" Analysis with Vince Everett Elliso

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Welcome to another episode of Tucker on Twitter! In this thought-provoking installment, Tucker Carlson dives deep into the controversial topic of George Floyd's tragic death with the insightful Vince Everett Ellison. Prepare to have your perspective challenged as we delve into the contentious theory that "George Floyd Was a Lie." As tensions surrounding Floyd's death continue to run high, Carlson and Ellison fearlessly tackle the uncomfortable questions and explore alternative narratives that may challenge the prevailing mainstream narrative. Through profound analysis and eye-opening insights, they aim to uncover the truth shrouded in mystery. Join us as we engage in an intense analysis of the events surrounding George Floyd's passing, examining the evidence with a critical lens. Ellison's unique perspective sheds light on lesser-known details, providing a fresh take on a widely discussed matter. Prepare yourself for an intellectual journey that challenges conventional wisdom and encourages critical thinking.