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WATCH: 'Libertarian' Reason magazine goes full Pfizer-shill, smears RFK Jr.

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Now they've fully transcended any vestige of actual libertarianism – as in, a philosophy that promotes individual liberty – by not just celebrating the COVID vaccines as some revolutionary accomplishment of The Science™ but actually cheerleading Operation Warp Speed – the objectively worst man-made Public Health™ catastrophe in world history.

Via Reason:

"Alec Stapp, co-founder of the Institute for Progress, has assembled a team devoted to analyzing and applying the lessons of the pandemic. The institute has published papers arguing that Operation Warp Speed was a success that should be duplicated, for greater investment in indoor filtration, and for better biosurveillance. Stapp joined Reason's Zach Weissmueller and Liz Wolfe for a live conversation about how to prevent the next global catastrophe."

The millennial cuck from the "Institute for Progress" with the telltale vocal intonations that rise even when he's not asking a question, Alec Stapp, claims that the shots (bankrolled and mandated by government, of course), generated "maybe the greatest return on investment of any government program in, like, fifty years."