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While much has been made about the COVID-19 public health emergency, there's another less-discussed emergency declaration that Republicans could target in the next Congress, bringing changes for employer-sponsored health plans, COBRA and flexible spe

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One of the fascinating aspects of the war in Ukraine has been the extreme reluctance of the mainstream press and Pentagon-CIA supporters to acknowledge, much less condemn, the Pentagon for its role in bringing about this war.

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A couple of months into Elon Musk's control of Twitter, it's fair to say that from an anti-censorship, pro-transparency perspective there have been a few positive results of the platform coming under new management.

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As you can see, the liberal propaganda isn't working as well as Democrats had hoped. Perhaps because they sound like a broken record, most Americans simply don't listen. Post this video link on your social media accounts to spread the word, and sub

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U.S. Turning Away from Shots; NFL Safety Collapses; Twitter Files Update; ICAN Lead Attorney Deposes Godmother of Vaccines, Gets Shocking Admission; The Coming Famine W/ War Correspondent; The Greater Reset Guests: Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, Micha

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It is a hard thing to combat because it's not a physical enemy but rather messages that lodge themselves in millions of people's minds. And it has come to rule over us.

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Caitlin Johnstone - Substack

One of the empire's strongest assets is the widespread assumption that propaganda is something that only happens to other people. Another is the widespread assumption that propaganda only comes from other countries and other political ideologies.