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Last Wednesday's House Oversight Committee meeting provided some much-needed insight into how corporate personnel at Twitter (before Elon Musk's takeover) had essentially turned the company into an adjunct of the federal government and its intell

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As perceptive observers such as Glenn Greenwald and Carl Bernstein have repeatedly pointed out the complaisant and compliant pressitutes of the regime media are under the thrall of the intelligence community. The spooks have pulled their strings sinc

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It's remarkable how easy it is to rile up the American public. The latest bit of theatrics centers around a "communist" balloon that is either a spy device or a weather balloon that has drifted off course. Either way, this thing isn't some so

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After three years of lies, deception, fearmongering and the destruction of what was a free, prosperous economy, a sizable percentage of Americans now realize that Anthony Fauci, the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC orchestrated a first-class con j