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Tucker Carlson Slams MSM Silence On Seymour Hersh Reporting: "We Were Attacked For Asking Quest

• Zero Hedge

On his prime time show Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson reviewed the handful of times top Biden administration officials, including the president himself, issued what appeared to be veiled admissions of US involvement - such as repeat promises that Nord Stream 2 would never move forward. "We were attacked for asking questions about this," the Fox host pointed out.

"It's probably the most comprehensive news story you will read this year... you should read it," Carlson said of the detailed report. And he lamented that journalists in the White House press pool aren't even broaching it with the administration. Yet it remains that "No one in the high level of the US government is denying it with any level of specificity, instead the White House is dismissing it as 'utterly false'," Carlson continued. Watch the segment below: