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The Corporate News Networks Survive Off the Ignorance of the People

•, By Bradlee Dean

After all, one is lawful and the other is unlawful and illegal (Psalm 94:20). Yet, this is what the American people have taken on when they take on the corporate news left vs. right paradigm. It is being played out to merely divide and conquer (Mark 3:25) the American people, in an attempt to tear down the US Constitution and re-create it into a global government (Article 4, Section 4, US Constitution).

Think about it, a police officer does not ask the criminal of his or her opinion of the law if transgressed (1 John 3:4), does he? Absolutely not! Yet, this is what these show hosts do today.

Let me show you how this works.

When a topic (bone) is thrown to the American people to further their global initiative, typically the conservatives will have two guests (One labeled a leftist, and the other labeled a conservative, rather than calling them for who and what they are, law abiders or a lawbreakers) to argue over and to debate away that which is already established law, as if to suggest that a leftist or a conservative has the power or authority to change the law that God has established through common law.

The hope, of course, is to change public opinion, which overthrows the laws of our Republic through believing that America is a democracy. This is the sole reason that president after president and administration after administration are continuously inundating Americans with the word-play of democracy to bring about change (Proverbs 24:21) in undermining the laws of our Constitutional Republic.

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