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We've already seen electric motorboats and even ferries, but a considerably larger battery-electric vessel should soon be in operation. It's called the e5 tanker and interestingly enough, it will be used to deliver conventional fuel to other ships.

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A second wave – of cancelled car brands – is coming, chiefly because of who was selected to determine the future of the car industry in this country back in November.

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Electric Future -

Did you really think the final version of the Cybertruck would be exactly as presented during the reveal event? Well, think again, because the Cybertruck is still very much a work in progress and we're going to share some Cybertruck updates.

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Eric Peters Autos

An interesting thing about GM's announcement the other day that it will only sell electric cars 14 years from now, by 2035. The New York Times - aka the Pravda of the Hudson, described this as a "seismic" shift.

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