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Mass Over-The-Air Update Of Tesla Cars Captured On Video

•, By: Mark Kane

Here is something that most of us probably have never seen - an over-the-air update, applied to possibly hundreds of Tesla electric cars, all at the same time. During the process, cars have emergency lights on.

It seems that the video was recorded at some logistic center where Tesla had a while to update the software of newly produced cars (probably mostly Model 3), before releasing the fleet to customer deliveries.

Tesla has the ability to update not only the infotainment of its electric cars, but basically everything, including the core systems responsible for drive units and batteries. That's a huge advantage over the outgoing approach when customers were forced to visit dealers.

There are suggestions that the software update was pushed using the Starlink satellite Internet, but it was just a standard connection (LTE).

Anyway, it's a pretty unusual sight. Who knows what we will see next time, maybe self-driving EVs around the factory or logistic centers?

In the future, other brands also will be gradually introducing and expanding the over-the-air updates. Some of them are already doing it in top of line models or new EVs.