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No More Fake News - jon Rappaport

Aside from oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, alternatives exist. The technocrats' preference for solar and wind power--two methods that are presently incapable of replacing traditional energy sources--shouldn't make people think those are the only o

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eHang, Volocopter and Archer Aviation are each billion-dollar or multi-billion valuation companies that are racing to establish the commercial VTOL air taxi industry in the 2021-2024 timeframes.

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The latest thing is a "key" that isn't even a fob the thing which has largely replaced the physical keys that used to be the way you started a car or unlocked its doors, as by inserting them and turning them.

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SPACs have continued their hot run this year as the preferred way to bring companies to the public market. 144 SPACs have gone public so far this year, or an average of five per day, according to Goldman Sachs' Ben Snider.