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Past Presidents

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Monday's indictment of Donald Trump in Fulton County, Ga., was just the latest in a long line of legal troubles for the former president. District Attorney Fani Willis announced the charges at a late-night press conference with an intensity that bo

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Longtime readers of my work on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy know that I point to the evidence establishing the fraudulent autopsy that was conducted on JFK's body to convict the U.S. military establishment of criminal complicity i

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Regular readers may recall the name Will Scharf: he's a former federal prosecutor in President Trump's DOJ and an alumnus of Harvard Law School (as a white man, no less, meaning he didn't benefit from affirmative action) who's currently running for A

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In a rousing Speech Saturday at the Turning Point Action conference in West Palm Beach, Donald Trump told young American voters that the upcoming election will be their opportunity to choose whether or not they continue to live in a free country.