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Deep State- Shadow Government

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Who's in charge? Is The Fed responsible for 40 million unemployed? The concept of a "Deep State" may be a new one for Americans to come to grips with, but unaccountable power is as old as the hills. Liberty & sound money are the only neutralizing age

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Prison Planet - Paul Joseph Watson

Remember anti-Trump leftists 'screaming at the sky'? Now the British version has arrived and if anything, it's even more cringe.

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The Deep State is the source of all that is negative on planet Earth. To survive the coming rough times, it's essential to understand what it is all about. The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of over a dozen powerful agencies, like

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In my recent paper Why Assume There Will Be a 2020 Election?, I took the opportunity of today's multifaceted crisis in order to revisit an important Wall Street funded coup d'état effort of 1933-34.