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Linkedin - Sanja Miskovic

We bring you a clip from the TED Talks show in which the late great scientist Kary Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the PCR method, was a guest. This remarkable and brilliant scientist talks here about the clear evidence that th

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Eric Peters Autos

The end result is more power. But also more pressure - on everything inside the engine...The result - almost inevitably - is a shorter-lived engine.

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The future is here: an AI system capable of answering any question and conducting tasks that used to take us hours. This artificial intelligence system is known as ChatGPT, and is so popular that it prompted a US congressional hearing over fears that

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The problem is still new enough that there is no comprehensive accounting of how often it happens. But one expert whose company, Pindrop, monitors the audio traffic for many of the largest U.S. banks said he had seen a jump in its prevalence this yea

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It's August. Many young people head off to college. This year, fortunately, fewer will go. I say "fortunately" because college is now an overpriced scam. Overpriced because normal incentives to be frugal and make smart judgments about who sh

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Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses biometric iris data to verify people before making financial transactions. It is a controversial project co-founded by Sam Altman of OpenAI. Some call it a dystopian scam, while others believe it will make the

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It's hard to imagine how we could screw up higher education any more than we already have, but we're about to--if we make sweeping student loan forgiveness a reality. How? To answer this question, we must start by asking another one: cui bono?

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This is an educational discussion. I will talk to you about a real scam that happened and how it ended. This is something to learn from as many of you will fail to detect this.

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Archive SF Gate

It was 2017, and the San Jose resident had left a one-star review on the Yelp page of a psychiatry office in Los Altos. Then the letter arrived: It seemed the clinic had hired a local lawyer to demand that Dean remove her negative review or face a la

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