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One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to root them in reality. That's an odd statement, I know, and I'll explain it momentarily, but after many years spent trying to figure out what makes a positive difference in a life… and esp

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Being a conscientious dad, I have always believed that education and experience are the best assets to leave our kids. Of course, I do not mean just regular, institutional education. I mean, teaching self-sufficiency to our children. Public school te

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It was the 1970s. Dry cleaning bags lurked quietly behind couches waiting patiently for the opportunity to pounce on the hapless child who dropped a Lego nearby. Unguarded five-gallon buckets stood brazenly in the middle of basement floors hoping t

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To my surprise and disappointment, I recently realized that I've never seen anything written on teaching children how to love. Showing by example, yes. Telling them they should, yes. But the direct, nuts and bolts of how to love, no.

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Joydah Mae -

In amongst the joy of coming together, we were guided to stand as one - to bring visibility to the message of this song. To stand up for our children and face the adversities that risk their well-being.