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Harrick Plasma

Learn how plasma cleaning is used to fabricate nanowires and improve electrical properties for use in flexible or wearable electronics as transparent conducting electrodes.

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Composite metal foams (CMFs) are intriguing materials, offering several big advantages over traditional solid metal. And while the welding of CMFs usually poses some challenges, it has now been been discovered that the use of an alternative type of w

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Rockhopper Adventures -

Out in the California desert is a center where they teach you how to build an almost disaster-proof house for very little cost: Super adobe earth homes. These can be built to survive some of the harshest conditions in the world. Be sure to check out

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Off Grit -

Over the last couple years I have experimented with multiple ways to build. in this video I show you my new system to fill sandbags quickly. It has taken me a while to perfect this but I've gotten it down to a science. Everything you need is in this

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ZOWE - Substack

What is lavacrete, I wondered? Never heard of it. Could this be the solution I had been searching for? I had to find out. Build class did more than teach me about building with lavacrete.

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Strange Garage -

What's up guys! Here is a overview video on how I built my CNC plasma cutter. I'm planning on doing several more detailed videos on this subject, but I wanted to start off with a cliffhanger to get some buzz going.