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Smart Easy DYI -

Cost breakdown on the pole barn house today. How much does it cost to build a pole barn house? Price breakdown by category and square foot. Watch the whole video to find out. It took 10 months to build this working nights and weekends. The dimensions

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Stoney Ridge Farmer -

Today's vlog has us up in southwest Virginia to visit my stepfather's small cattle operation. We will visit the "ranch" get a bit of insight into fencing plans for our property and check out the cows.

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DomeGaia provides training and equipment for DIY AirCrete dome homes that are elegant, high-quality, and affordable.

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Kirsten Dirksen -

In the desert of Joshua Tree, Bobby Furst's home/studio/compound is an artistic wonderland built from 4 Quonset huts, 3 Airstream trailers and a shipping container. When Furst left LA for the desert he erected one two-story 50' by 30' Quonset hut wit

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In this video we will look at the recent development on ultra white paint that has 98% reflectance. This paint can be applied on houses , building roof tops and roads to change not only the temperature inside the house but also reduce the urban mic