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How to make aircrete blocks with a hard, textured face suitable for outdoor use. Have you made things out of aircrete and wished that you could add a stone texture, or maybe bamboo, or river rocks?

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Aircrete Harry comes on to talk about building and construction with Aircrete - Stephan Kinsella (Intellectual Property Attorney) provides an update on Intellectual Property in the internet age - Phranq Tamburri gives the Trump Report

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Heating and cooling systems are some of the biggest consumers of energy, so finding ways to passively cool buildings and electronics could be a huge saver of money and the environment. A new photonic film could be just the ticket, made with a micro-s

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Although we have seen "morphing" structural materials before, they typically incorporate solenoids, pumps or motors that add weight and complexity. Now, however, scientists have developed a carbon fiber composite that shifts shape with a simple shot

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Graphene may be versatile, but there's one thing it's not all that good at – dispersing in water. Now, researchers at Umeå University have found a relatively simple way to do it. Graphene oxide is a different form of the material that can make