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Fred Maxwell for Western Journalism reports, Every move made by President-elect Donald Trump is subject to intense scrutiny and criticism. This was obvious Thursday when Trump exited his plane in Indiana. As he stepped out of the aircraft and into th

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of children's Ibuprofen. (NaturalNews) The world's biggest social media platform is being used as a gigantic virtual megaphone by hundreds of concerned parents who are reporting serious side effects from giving their child a medicine, after one m

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(NaturalNews) Are you hooked on social media or use it to promote your business or cause, but are sick and tired of the Left-wing tyrannical censorship of either your posts or those of real news organizations that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and

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One of the more perplexing theories to emerge explaining the failure of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, is that popular news curators and aggregators such as Google and Facebook had distributed news created by "fake" and "false" websites, thus in

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