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Members of The_Donald, the "high energy" subreddit where Trump supporters exchange racist inside jokes and uncouth memes with each other, are now accusing Twitter of actively promoting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over their be

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By Bryant Urstadt and Sarah Frier

The office building on Facebook Way is in the unfinished style that honors materials like plywood, concrete, and steel. The I-beams supporting its soaring walls still have the builders' chalk placement instructions on them. It takes a business maki

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How long until they start doing this to U.S. citizens who are reentering the country in those "Constitution-free" border zones?File this under Another Unsettling Development: People who want to travel to the United States may soon have their Face

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The Free Thought Project

This would explain why you might be speaking about something out loud near your phone, then an ad pops up on facebook soon after for the exact thing you were talking about, without having typed it into the phone. Some creepy Orwellian world, huh?