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The Department of Homeland Security wants businesses to present their cutting-edge social media analytics services next month -- especially technology that could enhance criminal investigations, traveler screenings and situational awareness.

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TN Note: DHS can draw on intelligence information from any other agency, but feels that it needs yet more advanced software tools to analyze social media in order to find evil-doers. The RFI gives lip-service to "protect the privacy, civil rights a

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Up to 3 million Egyptians lost their connection to the internet last week when Facebook's Free Basics program was shut down on Wednesday. The reason for the shutdown of Facebook's controversial Free Basics program, which launched in Egypt in Octo

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday praised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for emphasising the difference between Islam and terror, after the billionaire social network tycoon posted a message defending Muslims against discrimination