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Jeffrey Tucker (Author, Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books, Chief Liberty Officer of, Director of Content at FEE) on STEEMIT, DTube, Koch vs Mises debate - Tatiana Moroz (Singer/Songwriter) on her participation at the Nexus Earth Conf

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After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this week confirmed allegations that the company had sold at least $100,000 of ads to a Russia-backed troll farm – igniting a firestorm of liberal sanctimony as pundits like Rachel Maddow proclaimed that t

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Just days after the Wall Street Journal and others reported that Trump's new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, had taken steps to "control" the flow of information on the President's twitter feed, America will wake up this morning to one of his lon

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Facebook has recently developed a new artificial intelligence (AI), and it has since created its own language using code words to communicate more efficiently. Researchers promptly shut the system down over concerns that they might lose control over