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With the latest weekly update of container shipping rates showing that prices - already at all time high - simply refuse to back down, as rates from China to the US surpassing a record $20,000, a new threat looms which could send already sky high pri

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Last month, when out of the blue we saw a sharp surge in a handful of gigacap names among which Amazon, which rapidly broke out of the range it had been trading in for the past year as a result of an aggressive bid in short-dated OTM calls...

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Having gobbled up much of US housing and becoming the largest US landlord in the process, private equity giant Blackstone now has its sights on the media business much to the delight of Reese Witherspoon's media business, Hello Sunshine, which the WS

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Ken Rapoza (Industry Analyst for the Coaliton for a Prosperous America) on why Coke, Airbnb sponsoring Beijing 2022 Olympics - Dr Judy Mikovits on vaccines, Fauci, 'Delta variant', glutathione, misreporting deaths/VAERS, solutions, etc...

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If actors in the corporate food regime were required to internalize the true costs of production, according to a report by Family Farm Action Alliance,"their businesses would no longer be economically viable and they would not be competitive with ind

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Offering yet another reminder to the Japanese people that their government's decision to press ahead with the Tokyo Games was an epic blunder, the viewership for NBC's broadcast of the Summer Games' opening ceremony drew just 16.7MM viewers,