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DHL Express to fly packages in all-electric Alice eCargo airplane

• by Paul Ridden

We first heard of Eviation's nine-seater all-electric passenger plane in 2019, when the company made a splash at the Paris Air Show. Pitched at small-range routes up to around 1,000 miles (1,600 km), the cruise speed for the Alice aircraft was reckoned to be 276 mph (445 km/h) and per-charge range pegged at 650 miles (1,046 km).

By the time a prototype hit tarmac earlier this year, those figures had been adjusted to 440 nautical miles (815 km) of range from a massive 820-kWh battery pack and a cruise speed of 253 mph (407 km/h) from the three variable-pitch pusher props (one on each wing, and another at the back).

Just last month, the production design was tweaked again, ditching the V-tail setup and making do with two props at the back. Range and cruise speed remained the same. And it's this configuration that appears to be heading DHL's way for the eCargo variant.