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Take 15 minutes and listen to this interview with a hospital nurse --

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Back in May 2018, was when Apple become the first trillion-dollar publicly traded company and then August 2020 it became the first $2 trillion company and now Apple is worth over $2.5 trillion. [$2.55 trillion].

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In 2020, a reckoning began to take place in the world of women-led start-ups. What started as a series of stories alleging toxic workplaces and racist behavior turned into a wave of high-profile exoduses. Steph Korey, co-founder and co-CEO of lugga

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Rodney Brooks is a co-founder of iRobots and has started other robot companies. Lex Friedman interviewed Rodney about how to make popular robots. iRobot Roomba came out in 2002 and has been the only high volume robot if hobbyist and enterprise drones

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Americans' love affair with the car has cooled off but not because Americans don't love cars. Rather, it is because of what cars have become.

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