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Want to bet we'll be seeing more stories like this in the coming weeks if they follow through on the employer mandates for the vaxx? I'm not sure they've really thought this through entirely. There's going to be a LOT of people that go beyond pissed

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Two white-coated lab technicians, seated at work stations in a corner, are vastly outnumbered by the machines. Robotic arms calibrate liquids in microdrops. Small trays, with 96 tiny wells each, shuttle around the lab on magnetic tracks. Centrifuges

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn't make many headlines. Charged with keeping America's workplaces safe, it usually busies itself with tasks such as setting and enforcing standards for goggles, hardhats and ladders. by JOSEPH PISANI

Technocrats at Amazon continue to push cashier-less stores, first with Amazon-Go and now with its subsidiary, Whole Foods. Cashiers do not make up the largest portion of grocery employees, but they will eventually be missing from many stores as this

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Rural America lost more population in the latest census, highlighting an already severe worker shortage in the nation's farming and ranching regions and drawing calls from those industries for immigration reform to help ease the problem.

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Starting in 2018 and lasting all the way until the covid pandemic, a remarkable golden age flourished in the US job market: that's when for 24 consecutive months there were more job openings in the US than unemployed people.