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Vaccines and Vaccinations

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World Health and Life Coalition (COMUSAV)

Short 32-minute documentary shows Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavalo, the president of the World Health and Life Coalition (COMUSAV), using an electromagnetic frequency meter on a sample of people in Mexico who had taken COVID 'vaccines' and comparing them

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Joe Biden signed the G20 Bali Leaders' Declaration pledging that America to adopt vaccine passports for international travel. In addition, the White House also stated that it supports a tracing program, the World Health Organization's (WHO) "mR

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Dr. Almyra Oveta Fuller, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, died suddenly last Friday, at the age of 67, following a brief illness that was unrelated to COVID. She was on the FDA's Vaccines and Related Biologi

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One in every 500 children under five years who received the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine were hospitalised with a vaccine injury, and one in 200 had symptoms ongoing for weeks or months afterwards, a study has found.

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More than 18 million people were injured so badly by their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that they had to go to the hospital. That's according to the CDC's own internal data, which a court just ordered the federal agency to release to a

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Even when someone is determined to beat their fentanyl addiction, there's still a good chance they will relapse at some point, and start taking the opioid again. A new vaccine is designed to help get them back on track, by blocking fentanyl's effect