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Climate Change

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The climate emergency bullshit is nothing but a money making scam for the global elite, who continue to fly in private jets and own mansions that use more energy than entire towns of peasants.

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Europe is marching to the same Great Reset drum as America: restriction of energy will drive the economy into a downward spiral that will be almost impossibly to stop once it is in motion. Next to China, the EU is the poster child of Technocracy, run

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With the global energy crisis raging, more national leaders are discovering the root cause, namely, greenwashing radicals who have promoted disruptive alternative energy sources like wind and solar, at the expense of destroying existing sources of ch

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Barack Obama is so "concerned" about "climate change" he just recently had three storage tanks capable of holding 2,500 gallons of propane installed at his sprawling Martha's Vinyeyard property...