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Climate Change

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Activist Post - Keean Bexte

A report commissioned by the United Kingdom (UK) government says the entire country will need to ban most air travel within ten years and all air travel by 2050 to abide by impossibly lofty climate change laws.

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It was in 1988 that I first heard of global warming. Seeing that we had recently emerged from a decade-long cold spell, it came as something of a surprise. But I didn't think much of it one way or another, as I had, by that time, learned to ignore

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Moving people and communities away from disaster-prone zones will be difficult even under the best circumstances. But it can be done in ways that don't perpetuate racial and socioeconomic inequities.

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The U.N. is cheering high gas prices to teach the world a lesson about global warming. High prices are an intentional strategy to kill carbon-based energy in favor of walking, bicycling and resetting the global economy back to the 1800s. ? TN Edito

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We've covered nuclear war a bit in the past here at The Organic Prepper, but as I've pointed out before, I believe that it is high time that you buckle down and get serious about this genuine threat.