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Climate Change

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In recognizing nuclear and natural gas as green, the EU has affirmed human well-being, and environmental progress, over renewable energy dogmatism... by Chris MacIntosh

Here is what a reasonably objective study from the Geological Survey of Finland concludes on just how much more electricity generation will be required to retire natural gas and coal…

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When will it end? Suffering Australian farmers have had to harvest the largest total volume of agricultural produce since records began, highlighting how stupid it is to let coal plants keep releasing vital plant nutrients into the atmosphere.

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We are plunging headlong into the greatest economic transition in history. We don't have to speculate about that, either.


Merriam Webster on gaslighting: to psychologically manipulate (a person) usually over an extended period of time so that the victim questions the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and experiences confusion, loss of co

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Too few among today's citizens have come to the realization that the very same tactics used to spread fear of global warming and the demonization of a CO2 as the causal agency for climate change, is identical in principle to those techniques used to

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