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Carbon Calculator Credit Card Lets You Know If You Exceed Your "Personal Carbon Allowance"

• Organic Prepper - Jeff Thompson

2021. Have you checked your Personal Carbon Allowance allotment lately?

No, really.

Discussions floated around within various "academic" journals expressing the need for a "Personal Carbon Allowance," or PCA. [source] Some argue that PCAs are the ultimate means of battling climate control.

How is a Personal Carbon Allowance to be used in climate control?

Well, each individual on the planet has a set number of Personal Carbon Allowances they may use per day. Once they have met that threshold, force is used to keep them from going any further.

So, for example, let's say you are permitted 10 Personal Carbon Allowance each day as an American. The rest of the world gets 20, but, hey, such is the new world. Think this is just tongue in cheek? Nope. Giving some countries fewer PCAs than others has already been discussed. How do average Americans tend to fare with international treaties? [source]

What if you drive too far to visit your elderly mom, heat your house too hot in the wintertime, or use up too much healthcare and bypass your daily limit?

Authorities would "do something."

Possibly impose a hefty fine, or specialized thugs would show up to your house to arrest you. Whatever the "something" is, authorities will force you to bend to their will.