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He could be looking at 14 years in jail in connection with conspiracy charges in connection with the scrapie sheep case from last April. The agents didn't actually have any kind of indictment or charges, just a search warrant

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They then rated the intensity of each attribute for five samples; the control; the control with ginseng extract, vanilla aroma, and sucralose added; the control with ginseng extract added; the control with vanilla and ginseng extract; and the low lac

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This 11-minute clip is taken from the documentary "Farmageddon." If you'd like to fight back and / or support the makers of the film, visit their website for more info:

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The Mexican government has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps. Read more:

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When it comes to food storage, people that I have talked with have almost always made the comment that they can barely afford to feed their family now much less afford to have food storage.

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The ‘Monsanto Rider’: Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law? A so-called “Monsanto rider,” quietly slipped into the multi-billion dollar FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, would require – not just allow, but require

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